Guest Spot: Underrated Podcast

Aaron joined Gabriel from the Underrated Podcast to talk about the 2002 Sci-Fi film, Reign of Fire (aka Batman V Dragons). Check out the episode below.


Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

Patrick joins Francisco and Paul at the Retro Rewind Podcast once again to discuss a childhood favorite of his, The Boy Who Could Fly. Check it out along with the synopsis below.

In this episode we go to our room before taking off to uncover the highs and lows of 1986’s The Boy Who Could Fly. Listen to our review with returning guest host Patrick “Patch” Hicks.

Guest Spot: Reel World Theology

Aaron got to talk once again about one of his favorite 2016 films Arrival, this time with more of a theological slant to it. Check him and Steve from Screenfish out at Reel World Theology. Synopsis below.

We get to talk about the most original sci-fi film we’ve seen this year. Not only do we all love original sci-fi, but this film gives us so much to discuss– which means it is doing exactly what we think good sci-fi should be doing. While the movie does not come out and make explicit arguments for these things, the film sparks conversations about free will, abortion, God’s perspective on time, and pain and suffering. I also mispronounce Villanueve’s name horribly!

Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

Patrick got a chance to continue the Young Frankenstein conversation on one of his favorite podcasts, the Retro Rewind Podcast. Check out the synopsis below.

We deviate from our normal movie-voted episodes again to honor Gene Wilder’s passing in an Abby-Normal way. Patrick “Patch” Hicks joins us to discuss Young Frankenstein, and you can listen to what we thought of this Mel Brooks flick.

Guest Spot: Retro Rewind

Patrick got an opportunity to guest host with Francisco Ruiz and his co-host Paul Powers on their show, the Retro Rewind Podcast. They discussed a film from the late 80’s called Adventures in Babysitting. Here’s the synopsis and the link below.

We don’t need to get a flat tire to have an adventure discussing the 80s movie Adventures in Babysitting – we just need to pick up our guest host Patrick Hicks from the bus station.